Job Highlights

I have also worked on various products in Microsoft like Microsoft Azure, Dynamics CRM & AX and other internal Microsoft applications.

Working for Azure (Caching service), I  wrote frameworks for automated testing of both Azure front-end and controller tests. I also wrote frameworks to test rolling over of subscriptions when the resources of one subscription are exhausted. I also injected faults in the builds to test the recovery of service provisioning in cases of disasters or even in cases of simple failures.

I have also worked on Kendo controls and Knockout.js with Bootstrap for migration of a Silverlight based internal app. I also wrote a Kendo Multiselect Dropdown control whose abstracted version is published on Jsfiddle.

I also worked on HDInsight with Azure ML and R to analyse logs which are in the form of flat text files for internal applications. While HDInsight helps in processing all the log files and giving a structure to it, Azure ML and R help in making sense of the patterns that occur in this structured data for making predictions and helping in taking reliable decisions.

Currently, I am working on microservices to develop our new Tax Reporting architecture using Azure API Apps. We are using a lot of cool stuff for backend processing. There are web jobs, Hive, ADF (Azure Data Factories) and whatnot. We are now considering even Azure DataWarehouse for backend processing. A hell lot of Big Data work.

PS: Well, this page would obviously stay as a work in progress.